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Hosting space and bandwidth (especially for a podcast), isn’t cheap. St. Jerome’s Chapel is free for all users, and will remain so as long as it is open. However, there are several ways that you can support St. Jerome’s Chapel and Communion of Saints if you are so moved.


As Christians, we are taught to pray without ceasing. Please pray for Communion of Saints, St. Jerome’s Chapel, and me, Micah Jackson. I am encouraged by the support of my listeners and am strengthened by their prayers and good wishes. And yes, I pray daily for you, my listeners.

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You may have noticed that each entry ends with a selection of books that relate to the person or event we commemorate each day. If you purchase any of these books through, a portion of your payment will come back to me. I, in turn, will use that money in support of St. Jerome’s Chapel. If none of the suggested books are your speed, feel free to use the search box below to find anything at Whenever you purchase anything through the links on this website, or through the search box, St. Jerome’s Chapel will get a little something. Thank you for your support!

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If you would rather just make a direct contribution to the upkeep of this website, you can do so through the Amazon Honor System. Simply click on the box below, and you will be taken to the Amazon website where you can make your contribution. Thank you so much!

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